JG photo, Calabro, cropped
Jennifer Guarino, Certified Mediator

My mediation practice specializes in family mediation (including divorce, child custody, and child support), community mediation, meeting facilitation, and restorative justice.

As a neutral facilitator, I foster productive communications among people in conflict. Using practical problem-solving approaches, I can guide you toward resolution and help improve your relationships. I serve clients in Orange County and beyond, and can travel to your area.

Before coming to mediation, I spent 35 years as an environmental and science educator. In this capacity, I worked with K-12 students and teachers, college students, and adult learners to help them understand the systems of which they’re a part, and to build positive relationships with their world.

While my kids were growing up, I spent over 10 years as a volunteer mentor in their church-based youth group, during which I helped to develop programming, served as a role model for teenagers, and made thousands (millions?) of spaghetti dinners.

To learn how to help people in conflict, I received a Graduate Certificate in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies from Champlain College as well as specialized training in divorce, domestic and sexual violence, substance use disorders, trauma, and family dynamics.

I bring skills and experiences earned over a lifetime – as an educator, a communicator, a problem-solver, a systems thinker, and a mom – to my mediation practice.

Meeting Space:

Suite #12, Randolph Co-Worker Space

Two South Main Street, Randolph, VT

(Corner of South Main Street and Merchant’s Row)


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